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Using assessments for member surveys

Hello everyone,

Our ministry would like to perform a member survey to understand how well we are performing in certain areas and where we have opportunities. I thought that the assessment feature seemed like a really good fit since it allows us to push the assessment to each registered individual.

What I have not found is how I am able to create a new assessment with custom questions and answers.

Has anybody found a way to do this?



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    I would use a workflow or the the form builder(I think released in 15) if you want to use the core features in Rock or the survey system plugin from Shepherd church in the Rock Shop and send the link in a text or email.


    The assessments are prebuilt into Rock. You could accomplish something similar with a custom workflow if you wanted it to be launched from the person profile. 

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    I'm with David Belk, but I lean towards a Workflow. (mostly because I'm more familiar with WFs then Form Builder) You can use a dataview to create your communication list that could send a link, track the recipients that have replied or competed, and create dataviews / reports to analyze the data.

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    Thanks guys - @kurt - how would you actually create the content of the form?
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    You would use the workflow control —> form action in the workflow. This allows you to have a person form and use your attributes as the questions. 

    If you are familiar with workflows, this is a great way to accomplish it. If you are more unfamiliar with workflows, I would highly recommend the survey plugin. It simplifies the process. The form builder can also be more simple but I have not used it much myself. 

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    We've done WF forms with a Q&A with a set selection for answer(s) say a scale for rating, you set up some WF attributes with Name > Answer 01... Field Type > Single Select ... Values > 1^Low,2^Low Med,3^Medium,4^Med High,5^High ... Control Type (Drop Down) 

    Now you can either use a WF Attribute (Question 01) for Question (Field Type > Text) or put the Question in the Pre-HTML.

    I like the question as attributes because then I only have to write it out once and can reference it easily in reports.

    When you show the form, you can use the pre/post HTML to set your question/answer in a row.

    Use the Heading to set some HTML for instructions or notices.


    Here's what it looks like in general...