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Registration Templates & Instances

Is there a way to insure when creating the registration template & instance for those registering for a particular event that already have a profile in the Rock, that it will use their existing profile  and not create a duplicate profile with the Connection Status "Prospect" and Record Status "Pending"?  

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    Hi Chuck!

    Yes, it's very dependent on the setting in the template for Registrar Options You can read about it here:

    Registrar Options

    Use Logged In Person - This setting will use the information of the person who is currently logged in to your website. Any information that is known about the registrar will be "locked" and unable to be edited, but any missing information (for instance, if their email address is blank on their record) will be able to be filled in during the Review Registration step, as above.

    You can get "real-time" support from the entire community about event registration here:

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    Tips that have helped us reduce duplicates...
    The way to prevent duplicates from registrations is by making people log in. (We do not make people log in but encourage it by doing things like this recipe.) Hoping that enabling passwordless login with v15 will also help. By not requiring login, people are bound to use different emails or have typos that create duplicates. 

    *Dont forget to check your security settings as this could possibly disable duplicate checking.