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Rosters - Is group Scheduling appropriate and can overloading be done?

Hi everone,

New to Rock and starting to work out how to use features we want to implement.

One of the initial uses is to see if the multiple rostering methods can be brought together. I have looked at group scheduling and that seems to be the right way to go. I was planning to create serving groups like "Worship - Leader" and "Worship - Guitar" and "Worship - Keys" and also groups like "Service - Meeting Leader" and "Service - Communion".

The part that I can't work out is how can I have same person for the same service be both a Worship Leader and Worship Guitar. I understand the system gives warnings that there is a conflict but can I override the warning and assign it anyway? The person doing the communion talk is likely to be on the worship team that day or the meeting lead or the speaker. We are a small church, single service and people often do more than one role.

The other part I have not seen yet is whether I can print off a monthly roster showing all people. We are likely to assume people who are rostered will accept so there won't be "unconfirmed" places.

Thanks in advance.

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    You are getting that error because you are scheduling with the old block. The obsidian block allows you to double book so long as the person is being scheduled for a different group. We have a found a workaround if you have one group with different positions/locations by creating different schedules. (For example, a Kids Class with different positions like worship leader, small group leader, game host, etc) However I do not recommend this as it can get messy. 

    Old Block - double booking does not work


    New Block - double booking works. Alerts with black explanation point triangle. 


    The obsidian block is just a newer block that uses a different framework to enhance performance. Sometimes, like the Group Scheduling block, you will notice a difference in the look and feel. Other obsidian blocks you wont notice much change but in the background it is running differently. 

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    The new obsidian version of Group Scheduling does allow for scheduling even if there is a conflict.   This version is available in v15 and v16 but the older version is used by default.  You will need to switch out the existing group scheduling blocks with the new obsidian blocks.  A few churches are running the obsidian version in production.  We have been testing it and will switch in production soon. 

    There is a group scheduling channel in Rocket Chat if you have any more questions -

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    Thanks for the answer. I have tried on the demo Rock site and I get this error:
    Does that mean the demo site (running v16.4) does not have the Obsidian blocks happening?
    Is this something we can change ont he demo or is that a change on the web server itself?
    I haven't got my head around Obsidian blocks yet.