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DataView Filter for 13-24 months ago

We are looking to create a DataView for givers over a certain threshold within the last 12 months.  That part is easy enough to do.

However, we also want a separate DataView for givers who were within that threshold a year ago.

So DataView 1 would be people with combined giving over $X in the Previous 12 months


DataView 2 would be people with combined giving over $X in the 12 months PRIOR to that (5/1/22-4/30/23).  I know I could manually just set the date range, but I'd much prefer to have it dynamic like DataView 1.  Is there a way to make this work?

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    The easiest way is for the second dataview to be identical to the 1st (Copy) but change the Date Range to Previous 24 months.

    Next, you "Add Filter" > Not In Existing Data View > 1st DataView

    This starts by pulling everyone for the 24 months then removes everyone in the previous 12 months (1st DV).


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    The problem with that would be they could meet that $X threshold over 2 years, but not be there for either one of them separately.

    If i'm looking for givers over 1000, they may have given 600 in year 1, and 500 in year 2.  But I need to know that they gave over 1000 in year 1.

    • Kurt Vogeler

      True ... my bad ... we use the Blue Box Moon plug in that allows the use of SQL on DVs ... do you have that plug in ?