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Email Error - Exception: The server committed a protocol violation The server response was:

Hello, we are currently unable to send emails out. We didn't change anything from our end, however when we try to send an email we get the following error:
Exception: The server committed a protocol violation The server response was: 

Anyone have any ideas on this? 

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    Hi Chris! There are so many pieces to this puzzle that aren't spoken. My suggest is to default to asking these in the community chat which is a "live" discussion as you can get help most times immediately, including video chat support from time to time here: There is a Communications and Troubleshooting channels that would help for this.

    We'd need to understand quite a bit more to help you here:

    • What version of Rock are you on?
    • Did you recently upgrade Rock or any plugins between when it was working and when it wasn't? (determine the "we didn't change anything from our end" situation). This could also be part of the recent article I link below from the blog
    • What Communications Transport are you using? SendGrid, MailGun, other...
    • Can you provide more context around the exception? Such as providing the full StackTrace, above looks like it's only a short description
    • Is this happening on a single email, bigger bulk emails, scheduled emails, etc?
    • Have you seen these articles about changes to mail transports, mostly in regards to MailGun?

      I hope the above helps. Again, the community chat is the way to go for further questions as it gives an immediate back-and-forth feedback loop. There's also plenty that have run into similar/previous challenges that can step in and help.