Project/Campaign Fundraising (not linked to a person)

Project/Campaign Fundraising (not linked to a person)


We are working to launch a new church and have found many people love the idea of giving to a specific area. It would be awesome if Rock allowed us to present needs that people could contribute to. Ideally, this would allow them to cover an entire area, give to the total or drill down a little and give to a more specific need. 

To show how I would want to set this up (oversimplified intentionally ). 

Worship/Auditorium -             52,000

        Sound System  -              15,000

                Sound Board -            3,000

                Speakers                    4,000

                Wireless Mics            3,000

                Misc                            3,000


I would think this would really help churches fundraise for building projects or those wishes that they know people would get behind if offered. 

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