Important Dates and Follow Notifications

Important Dates and Follow Notifications

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One of the biggest relational wins I have been able to do as a pastor is consistently remembering important dates in people's lives. Sometimes these are onetime events (a court date for their foster child, an important doctors visit, the first week back to get their degree), but other times its dates that matter annually (the death of a loved one, their child's adoption date, the date that they accepted Christ or got baptized). 

Currently, I'm putting any date I want to remember into my google calendar but the information is siloed. It's only beneficial for me. I would love to see Rock implement a feature to track these dates organization-wide. 

Ideally, this would.

Ask if the date is past or future

    If future: You set the date, a description, and choose pre-defined security groups to view. 

    If past: set the date, add a description, choose pre-defined security groups. 

Then whoever entered the date (+ anyone who follows that person and has security access) receives a notice for that date. 

If it was a past date the reminder is annual. If it's a future date the reminder only happens once but can be transitioned to annual if needed. 

I believe a feature like this would push most pastors to make following people a huge priority. 

Added bonus: When you enter an Important date for someone you don't follow the system prompts "We noticed you don't follow {{ Person.NickName }}, would you like to now?  Rock will begin sending you reminders of other important dates in their life." 

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Love this idea. We had actually mock-up up a feature very close to this recently, but the organization did not want to move forward immediately. Hopefully, it goes through soon or others would like to help fund it.

Here's a link to the mockups:

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