Notifications Engine

Notifications Engine


Right now it's great to get e-mail notifications for a hand full of things in Rock, but for many users being able to see a new notification from within Rock's UI would be powerful. 

Just imagine seeing a little circle in the upper right-hand corner next to your profile picture that shows the number 6 inside. When you click on that icon a menu flies down showing you the six notifications.

  1. Bob comment on a note you left Ted Decker's profile. 
  2. Today is Mike Millers's birthday (and you have followed him)
  3.  A connect request you are assigned to just went critical 
  4. A connection request assigned to one of your direct reports went critical
  5. A push notification was sent to you saying "Come to our ice cream party. Click here to learn more" 
  6. Sally completed the DISC assessment you requested.
  7. (not numbered)Click here to update your notification settings

Similarly, end-users in Rock-powered apps and on Rock-powered sites could see notifications related to push notifications, new content they might be interested in, assessment requests, encouragement to keep going with steps, or even note replies to allow for notes to serve as a great commenting engine. 

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