Linked Workflow Attributes

Linked Workflow Attributes


We have a process that requires a form with a pretty long list of associated questions/attributes. What would make creating this workflow amazing was if workflows could have "Linked Attributes". 

The idea would be to add linked attributes similarly to adding traditional workflow attributes but rather then asking the attribute type is asked for the entity type followed by asking which associated Attribute is being interacted with. Finally this linked attribute would ask for the workflow attribute of the entity you are interacting with. Now it has everything it needs to interact with people, groups, campuses and more. 

Ideally Linked Attributes would start each workflow action that interacts with them by calling for the record associated with that entity to interacted with, and then update the attribute on the entity if needed when the action finishes. 

I know this wouldn't add any new power to workflows it would help the end user reduce their total number of actions and more easily create forms. 

Photo of DJ GrickSubmitted by DJ Grick, Good Samaritan Services  ·   ·  Workflow
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