Add URL parameter for International Contribution Statements

Add URL parameter for International Contribution Statements


Various international Rock churches cannot use the electronic giving statements due to the shift in tax filing months not aligning to the calendar year. You can see what those month ranges are here. This affects dozens of current international Rock churches such as Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom.

Today you can follow Jim Michael's great recipe on sending out electronic contribution statements but it's only tied to the year in the URL. Unfortunately, whenever a giver clicks their View Statement button from the tokenized email it'll be a calendar based YTD total instead of starting at the month necessary for their international tax filing rules.

Building off this idea to add a StatementEndMonth parameter to assist in creating quarterly statements, adding an additional StatementStartMonth parameter would serve those international Rock churches.

Here's a quick overview video of how adding this page parameter to the Contribution Statement Generator block can help international Rock churches serve up electronic statements:

Here is a diff of the current code from the develop branch and what code would need to be added and/or updated to enable a new StatementStartMonth page parameter for this purpose.

These changes outlined will account for the following page param usage scenarios:

  • Year param only - current behavior (start of calendar year 1/1 to end of calendar year 12/31)
  • StatementEndMonth param only - current behavior (start of calendar year 1/1 to end of parameter month, ie "3" will go from 1/1 to 3/31, useful for calendar based quarterly statements)
  • StatementStartMonth param only - if no StatementEndMonth is present, it will go a full year from the beginning of the start month for a full year cycle, ie "4" will go from 4/1/2023 to 3/31/2024
  • StatementStartMonth and StatementEndMonth - if both params are present it will go from the first of the month based on the StatementStartMonth to the end of the month based on the StatementEndMonth, ie. StatementStartMonth=3&StatementEndMonth=4 will be 3/1/2024-4/30/2024
  • Additional checking exists to ensure that the endMonth param is not less than the startMonth param. If it is then we're using the default endDate behavior and removing a month to make it behave like a full year would.
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