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Reports on Notes

Hello, I'm wondering if there is a way to pull information about notes tied to people in a report. For instance, more than just the last note, but when was the last note made. how many notes does a person of a note type. Or, even just in general to see all the notes made in the last x amount of time.

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    This is a cool concept. I have not seen a way to do it besides using custom SQL queries. Could you give some more context on the goal of this? There might be another great feature that would meet your goals. 😁

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    We are just heavily using the note system to document a lot of the ministry work we are  doing.

    We have different workers with different groups of people they are interacting with, with note types like "phone call" and "visit", It would be nice to be able to easily run a report on notes tied to a person pages to keep track of what work is being documented on which pages.

    I've started getting into SQL, this feels the only way to acheive what I'm aiming for. But I was hoping their might a built in solution already!