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Communications Log?

I see that Rock has a log of outgoing communications that I have sent to team members etc.  I would like to create a communications log that would show all communications sent to a person arranged by date. We are using a google sheet to track communications between Pastoral Staff and Congregation Members, however we are trying to migrate everything into Rock.

Ideally I could manually log a phone call using date, time and summary and then that call would be placed in the communications history.  My goal is to create a communications page for extended attributes that would allow Pastoral Staff to get an overview before contacting a person.  My strengths are in implementation not programming so.....

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    Here's how we do that:

    Overview:  We created a "note type" to house communications as "call logs" and then display all the info from this note on an internal page using dynamic data block that will link direction to the person who was communicated with.

    1.  Create a new "Call Log" note type (under system settings)

        - Entitty type is "block" 

        - The other things I checked:  user selectable, allows watching, allows replies, allows attachments.

    2. under profile and the "timeline" make sure your setting are able to create notes of this type here.

    3.  I created another "person" to be a place where we write down call logs etc. for people not in system.  My person is named "Caller not in system"

    4. Create a page for housing your call log info

    5.  Put an html block and a dynamic data block

    HTML Block:  Make a link to the "caller not in system" person.  So people can jump right there from this page

    Dynamic Data block:



        CreatedDateTime, Text, CreatedByPersonAliasId, EntityId






    Columns:  CreateDateTime, Text

    Selection URL: /Person/{EntityId}

    (this will let you click on the note to jump to the persons profile)

    Show grid actions:  Excel export and merge template

    Show Grid Filter:  Yes


    There may be better ways to do this but this is the quick easy way we do this.  Perhaps the best for your case would be to add other columns of the person who made the contact and the person who was contacted.  But given the info that comes in unformatted is Alias Id's you'd have to convert it from the numbers to the persons info.  This likely would be done with the "fomatted output" to use lava to pull the people's names.  That's above my knowledge right now but I may be able to figure it out if no one else can give you the help and it would benefit you and your ministry.

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    My recommendation would be to fill out an Idea as this sounds like a new feature comprised of some existing blocks today regarding communications.
    You can create your Idea here and the community can vote it up for the core team to consider:

    It does help to "market" your idea to solicit votes a bit in the chat #communications and #general channels:

    I'd also suggest that this is where Rock Partners can come in to support your church's specific needs, even if that mean building some custom blocks or functionality in your Rock build. You may want to reach out to a few in order to see what this would take and potentially cost to build out for your needs.