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Rocket.Chat vs GroupMe

Any tips to help persuade my users and ministry leaders that it's better than GroupMe? They LOVE GroupMe. 

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    Are you planning to use the Rocket.Chat plugin? The auto-group sync is a huge selling feature. 

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    Yes. We actually already have the plugin on our site. But trying to convince our ministry leaders and group leaders it’s “better” than GroupMe has been a challenge. 

    So looking for tips. 

    • Eddie Holeman

      Matt, I hate to say this, but we were never able to convince our ministry leaders of the change to Rocket.Chat. We helped fund the Rocket.Chat integration into Rock so have had it for awhile, but the push back was always the requirement to install another app. Most of our groups have used group SMS with some using GroupMe or some other tool. We launched a new church app a while back and are about to release a group messaging feature within the app. That is the only way we found to move leadership toward support of a tool, since it is part of the app we already push. Sorry to not have ideas to convince them, but wanted to be honest.