This command will wrap it's contained Lava into an observability activity to provide detailed timings of it's performance as well as to group any database calls that are being made.


The observe creates a new observability activity to benchmark it's contained Lava.

{% observe name:'Family List' rsc-feature:'family-list' rsc-feature-version:'2' %}

    {% person where:'LastName == "Decker"' %}
        {% for person in personItems %}
            {{ person.FullName }}
        {% endfor %}
    {% endperson %}

{% endobserve %}

In the example above a new observability activity is created with the name 'Family List'. Two tags are also added to the activity rsc-feature and rsc-feature-version.

The only required parameter is name. All other parameters are considered to be tags to add to the activity. It's recommended that these tags start with an organization prefix (rsc = Rock Solid Church). Be sure to escape your tag's values if you think they will contain characters like a single quote that could break the formatting of the Lava command.